Graham Brown

Mr. Brown holds a BSc. from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and a MSc. from James Cook University, Australia.  He has been a Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists (“SEG”) since 1999, participated in the Colombia Senior Executives Program in 2004 and the Duke Business Leaders Program in 2007.  He is a past councilor of the SEG and current British Geological Survey industry advisor and Natural History Museum honorary research fellow.  In 2011 he was the co-recipient of the PDAC Thayer Lindsley Award. Mr. Brown  joined  Amax  as  an  exploration  geologist  in  1980 and  worked  on  a  variety  of exploration and mining operations in the Circum-Pacific region.  For a decade Mr. Brown worked as a consultant involved with the exploration and evaluation of a number of major discoveries in both Asia and Europe.  In 1994 he joined  Minorco  as  Chief  Geologist. Subsequently he became the region’s Vice President Exploration and, following the Minorco-American Anglo plc merger in 1999, he served as Vice President Geology. In 2003 he was appointed Senior Vice President Exploration and managed geosciences, technical services, and R&D programs. In 2005 he was promoted to Head of Base Metals Exploration and in 2009 he took up the position of Group Head of Geosciences for the Anglo American Group.  Mr. Brown’s awards and recognition during this period include:  Los Sulfatos (PDAC), Sakatti (FEM) and most successful major base metals explorer (MEG). Exploration  discoveries credited to his team include: Boyongan and Bayugo (Cu-Au) in Philippines, Morro sem Bone and Jacaré (Ni) in  Brazil,  Gamsberg  East (Zn) in  South  Africa,  Gergarub (Zn) in  Namibia, West Wall, San Enrique Monolito and Los Sulfatos (Cu-Mo) in Chile, and Sakatti (Ni-Cu-PGE) in Finland.uat.