Giving back to the community in Bulgaria


Mundoro is committed to staying engaged with the communities in the areas around our projects in order to work cooperatively towards the discovery and responsible development of new deposits and mines. After consultation with the local community, Mundoro committed to providing financial assistance in order to help fund the renovation of the local medical clinic in the town of Mineralni Bani.  Mundoro will be spending BGN 60,000 per year for three years on this program.  The renovation work began in 2014 and is now into the second year of the program.  The clinic is anticipated to reopen in the second half of 2015.

In recognition of our social contribution in the district of Haskovo, Mundoro received a prize from the Bulgarian Confederation of Employers and Industries on March 24, 2015.  Mundoro was nominated for the award by the Municipality of Mineralni Bani in recognition of the company’s contribution to the medical clinic renovation and names Mundoro as a “social partner of Mineralni Bani for 2014”.  The award is specifically awarded to the most “Socially Responsible Company” partners in the district. Mundoro was honoured to receive the award and hopes that the completed renovation will help citizens in our partner community of Mineralni Bani for many years to come.