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Disciplined Capital Structure

Financial discipline and protection of capital structure are cornerstone beliefs of Mundoro.

Over the last 12 years as a public company, Mundoro still has only 43.8 million shares outstanding and has had less than 15% cumulative dilution to shareholders over that time frame.

Management and directors of the company hold approximately 8% of the fully diluted shares, providing powerful incentive to those at the helm to continue to enhance the shareholder value of the business.

The Company also has used a Normal Course Issuer Bid ("NCIB") which is a share buyback program such that when the market price of Mundoro shares are trading below the cash value of Mundoro, the acquisition of common shares under the bid represents an appropriate use of funds.

Last Updated: January 19, 2015

Outstanding Shares Options Fully Diluted
43,786,776 3,345,000 47,131,776

Share Price & Volume

Symbol MUN.V
Price 0.245

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Computershare Trust Company of Canaday
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