Community Investment Program

Mundoro developed a comprehensive community development program in the surrounding areas of its Maoling Gold Project in Liaoning Province. The rural environment has basic infrastructure such as paved roads, grid-connected electrical service and communications. Mundoro worked with community leaders to provide further development in a variety of areas including basic sanitation, the provision of fresh water, local medical service improvements as well as assistance for scholastic and professional development.

Mundoro provided RMB 1.2 million over three years to fund educational, health and sanitation development in Taizhou County.

School Supplies for Local Students

As part of the packate, Mundoro was pleased to present over 340 official Olympic school bags to the schools in Gaizhou County.

New Computer Room for Local School

With the support of the local school district, Mundoro donated 21 new Lenovo desktops computers to the middle school. These computers will be used to enhance the learning environment of the students and to assist them in the preparation for post secondary education. As well, Mundoro provided funds to renovate the classroom with new walls and floors, for the purchase of desks and chairs and to install high speed internet connectivity in the classroom.

Agricultural Ponds

Mundoro donated funds to the government of Kuangdonggou Town, to build an agricultural pond for each of the two villages in the immediate areas around Maoling. Due to soil being barren in these two villages and far away from water resource, it is impossible for farm land irrigation in time of drought, which results in low crop production. The ponds were constructed in order to solve the irrigation problem, improve agricultural production, helping farmers to speed up steps in achieving affluence.